• Corner Church Church Planting Residency

    Our vision is to launch a Corner Church and a community-valued business within walking distance of everyone in the urban dense areas of our city.

    Why residency?

    In the first ten years of Corner Church we launched two locations. In the next ten years of Corner Church, our mission is to launch ten more. Our vision is to launch a Corner Church and a community-valued business within walking distance of everyone in the urban dense areas of our city.


    While this goal is lofty and will require God’s miraculous, we also must be strategic. While we may have other on-ramps to launching a Corner Church community location, the primary avenue to launching will be through a Church Planter in Residency program. The common barriers to launching a Corner Church location, or for that matter any church plant, are lack of finances, lack of team, lack of direction, and lack of meeting space. The Corner Church Planter in Residency program will give a runway where the barriers can be overcome.

    The Corner Church Planter in Residency is a 30-month runway for a planter to fundraise, acclimate to the Corner Church ethos, know the landing community, build a team, become a valued part of the community, launch, and then have economical stability through the first year after launch.


  • The Path to Planting

    Why would anyone do this alone?



    1. Take a pre-assessment - Church Planter Profile FREE Assessment 
    2. Select MN District Council of Assemblies of God as Agency
    3. Email results to info@cornerchurch.tv
    4. Fill out form below so we can contact you
    5. Interview with Corner Church team 
    6. Be assessed by a certified church planter assessor

    Months 1-6

    1. Fundraising training
    2. Fundraising (Commitments to cover 24 months of salary)
    3. Identify potential communities to be planted in
    4. Identity where you will be living during the Planter in Residency (if applicable)
    5. Bimonthly meeting with Corner Church lead team (in person or virtually)
    6. Begin process of obtaining credentials with Assemblies of God if don’t currently have them

    Month 6

    1. Move (if applicable)
    2. Full-time Planter in Residency begins

    Months 6-9

    1. Acclimation to the Corner Church staff team
    2. Refinement of where to plant
    3. Refinement as to where your skills and passions fit into staff synergy
    4. Identification of community-focused business potentials
    5. Recruitment of team begins (focus on people who will have to move)
    6. Continued fundraising for cash for launch

    Months 10-14

    1. Team recruitment in the launching community
    2. Identify needs in community and position to meet those needs
    3. Identify potential meeting locations
    4. Start bi-monthly team meetings
    5. Attend a CMN Launch training event
    6. Launch team attends an existing Corner Church service together

    Months 15-18

    1. Preview services begin
    2. Secure meeting place in community
    3. $30,000 cash reserve is raised and CMN Matching Funds are received

    Month 18

    1. LAUNCH!

    Months 18-30

    1. External funding provides location’s primary funding

    Month 30

    1. External monthly contributors fazed out
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