• 1 church

    3 communities

    North Loop MPLS

    Camden MPLS

    Uptown MPLS

    We talk in church

    We see questions as a great starting point.

    We would be honored if you joined the conversation.


    Church in three coffeeshops

    1 church family • 3 communities • 6 service options

    North Loop

    in Corner Coffee North Loop


    514 N 3rd St • MPLS


    Sunday Service Options:

    8:45a** • 10a* • 11:15a 


    ** Nursery & Children's Service available

    * Nursery available


    in Corner Coffee Uptown


    1414 W 28th St • MPLS


    Sunday Service Option:



    in Corner Coffee Camden


    4155 Thomas Ave • MPLS


    Sunday Service Option:

    9a** • 10:30a**


    ** Nursery & Children's Service available

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