• Coaching

    Coaching is the process of helping make things possible for others.

  • What is a coach?

    "A coach is someone who chooses to invest what they've been given to accelerate someone else's development or accomplishment." (Coach Hacks) The purpose of a coach is not to give you all the correct answers, but to search for the right questions. A coach will not do the work for you, but they will help you discover what you can do.

    What is my responsibility?

    Just like a sports coach doesn't get to play a part in the game, neither does your coach. If you do not choose to make changes and hold yourself accountable, then you will see little success with a coach.

    What is my coaches responsibility?

    The coach will be available for regular meetings, be an active and good listener, and ask good coaching questions. A coach is someone that believes the answers already live inside of you and that you are more than equipped. A coach will help you explore what could be, and help you identify how to get there.

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