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    514 N 3rd St • MPLS


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    10a - Nursery available



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    1414 W 28th St • MPLS


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    in Corner Coffee Camden


    4155 Thomas Ave • MPLS


    Sunday Service Option:

    9:00a - Nursery and Children's Service available

    10:30a - Nursery and Children's Service available

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    Today we continue our conversation through Matthew. Matthew is not just another rendition of stories about Jesus. It’s an intentional walk towards life and relationship with Jesus. In beginning of Matthew we learned: Jesus is greater than Moses Jesus is a descendant of David Jesus is the messiah...
    I want us to talk through guilt. What does it feel like? It is pain, but it is not just pain. It is shame, but it is not just shame. It is regret, but not just regret What does guilt feel like? Why does it feel that way? Let me help you into this conversation: I am going to give you a few...
    Today we are continuing our walk through the Gospel of Matthew. This letter inviting us to relationship with God through his son, the savior, the Messiah, God with us, Jesus. It is not mindlessly but Matthew works US through a process. It is not a letter that simply says Jesus is it, enough said,...
    August 21, 2018
    Today we’re looking at the go-to passage that people use to justify violence and war in the name of Christ. Jesus gets mad and apparently whips people because they’re not doing the right thing. Thankfully someone caught the event on their cell phone so we have it all documented in order to clear...
    August 15, 2018
    I just want to start off today by pointing out that our text wrestles with some fun stuff. Jesus steals two donkeys. He uses some next level jedi mind powers. As silly as that is, it gets to an idea presented in today’s text. Today we are going to be having conversation around who people, and who...
    August 8, 2018
    Life is all about winning! Right? It’s so easy to keep score in relationships and at work. It’s why we compare our houses and cars. It’s why we love sports, why we love world records, why we get so caught up with who is the prettiest and attractive. Why do people love to win? Why are we so...
    Continuing in Matthew, we’re getting toward the end of Jesus’ stories and parables to people and getting into the next section of big things happening. In fact, this is the final parable Jesus uses before entering Jerusalem and moving into this section where he is essentially preparing to die. ...
    July 7, 2018
    Imagine a time when everything is “as it should be”. Think about a time when things were looking up for you and how much security you may have felt. Have you ever been so far ahead on your finances that you felt like you didn’t need to get paid? Yeah, me either. But it brings up an interesting...
    Today we’re talking about forgiveness and what it’s like to be forgiven of a great debt. Think back to a time when you were a kid, and you might have done something irreparable. That “baseball through the window” moment or that “wishing you could take back what you said”. One time when I was...
    Last week we talked about the kingdom of heaven, and how Jesus mentioned that it belongs to the little children. That idea carries over to this week as we start a conversation about value. Just a little bit of zooming out, we’re still in this section of Matthew where Jesus is teaching through...
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