Maybe you're new to the area, maybe you're looking for a small setting to deepen your faith, or maybe you've never been to church before.

If so, you're in good company.

Looking for a new church is never easy. The people become your friends, support, encouragement, accountability and, in many ways, family. It is where you learn, grow and are challenged. It's where you raise your children and grow with your spouse. It's where you find friends like you and friends much different than you. It's where you grieve, laugh and heal. It is more than a place-- it is people who understand where you're at.

If you're curious to see where you fit, visit us this Sunday.

Come in, grab yourself a cup of coffee, a pastry and a seat next to someone new.

We start with prayer, songs and an announcement of events for the week.

Messages differ from traditional church in that we encourage talking in service! Each message includes times of discussion where you can ask questions or share your thoughts and experiences with people at your table. In-service discussion allows you to really consider how the Word affects your life. It creates natural relationship building between people and opens opportunity for prayer and support.

We are people who believe in the practical and powerful love of God in our daily lives.

More than a church, we are a body. Come find your place. 

Parking at our downtown location is FREE if you park in the one of these spots: