We value Jesus and His word:

Jesus, truly being God and truly being man, lived His life here on earth dying on a cross, becoming our sin so that we may be pure before God.  We also embrace the Bible as being inspired by God and true in entirety.

We value doing life together as community:

We are designed by God to live life as community.  A part of a body is not whole apart from the sum of all the parts. 

We value being in the world, but being set apart:

We are not called to be judges, to be egotistical, or to see ourselves as superior, but we strive to live a life that is set apart by holiness.

We value our neighborhood and being an asset to it:

If we would move from our neighborhood tomorrow, we should be missed not forgotten.

We value what Jesus does in and through individuals:

God has a plan and purpose for everyone.  As a church we work towards being a great tool to help everyone live out that plan.

We value what God is doing outside of our community:

God is working throughout the world through missions.  We consider it an honor to be a part by praying for missionaries, financially supporting them, and going ourselves.

We value time and always want to make the most of it:

Time is a limited resource, and we want to make the most of each moment we have been given.