At The Movies: Love Conquers All

Scott Woller

In This Series We Are Using Movie Clips As Jumping Off Points To Dialogue

What do the top ten movie themes tell us about community, culture, faith and church?


2. Love Conquers All

Ah, love. It can be romantic. It can be fun. It can be heart wrenching. It can even be sick. Whatever it is, it is definitely all around us all the time. In film, the theme that Love Conquers All has always been an infectious standard, good and bad. FromLove Story to The English Patient to Titanic, there is no doubt that Hollywood considers love to be the most noble of pursuits. And regardless of the genre (from the Disney animated classic Snow White to the sci-fi thriller The Adjustment Bureau, the overpowering presence of “love conquers all” is seen as characters fight the undeniable fate of true love. No matter what obstacle a character may have to endure, movies revolving around this theme will end by reiterating this notion. Whether you are a boy-wizard (Harry Potter), a Alzheimer’s patient (The Notebook), or an Ogre (Shrek), rest assured that love is the strongest force in the world.