At The Movies: Revenge

Scott Woller

In This Series We Are Using Movie Clips As Jumping Off Points To Dialogue

What do the top ten movie themes tell us about community, culture, faith and church?



Few things in the world have the power to motivate like revenge (cough, cough, Taylor Swift). The theme of Revenge has been present in film from the early silent era and continues to be popular today. While revenge films revolve around the same idea, the endings can differ greatly. For instance, sometimes the revenge is justified and the ending turns out well (Revenge of the Nerds, Mean Girls). Sometimes though, the wrong person feels revengeful and the outcome turns out badly (CarrieCape Fear). But even though the endings can vary, films that have the theme of Revenge are always about the journey. Films like Kill Bill and Memento center entirely on this idea, taking us on a tumultuous ride that culminates around an act of vengeance.