At The Movies: Battle Within

Scott Woller

In This Series We Are Using Movie Clips As Jumping Off Points To Dialogue

What do the top ten movie themes tell us about community, culture, faith and church?


Battle Within

Sure, Mother Nature can kick some butt. However, nothing leads to man’s demise like man himself. Whether a character is struggling with lust, mental illness, or addiction, the perils he or she faces within are always extremely powerful. Most characters in film experience some sort of internal struggle. Whether it’s the decision to go out on a date or join the Dark Side, characters are constantly faced with internal dilemmas. However, movies that have the theme of Man vs. Himself go beyond that. The entire story is underlined by the notion that man is his own worst enemy. Therefore, many of these films deal with greed, power, and the downward spiral that they can cause. ScarfaceWall Street, and The Godfather are prime examples of this internal battle. With such opportunity for dramatic struggles, it’s no wonder Man vs. Himself plays such a huge role in movies today.