At The Movies: Battle

Scott Woller

In This Series We Are Using Movie Clips As Jumping Off Points To Dialogue

What do the top ten movie themes tell us about community, culture, faith and church?


The Battle

Conflict is an integral part of any film. However, some films revolve around a literal battle. This battle can be between two individuals, two countries, or even two worlds. Usually, the audience does bond to the protagonist’s cause. It is easy to pick sides with films like Braveheart and 300. Unlike the traditional Good vs. Evil theme, the battle may incorporate two differing sides – neither of which is right or wrong. For example, films like The War of the Roses make it difficult as both main characters are neither good nor evil and a little bit of both. Films that center on a battle are often based in historical facts (We Were Soldiers), but they can also be categorized as science fiction, action, war, or epics. And although the theme of battle can span genres, these films will always contain a definitive battle scene(s), literal, figurative, or both. Often it’s the fear of dying that weighs the most.